Automobili Lamborghini – Area Collaudo Vetture

The new compound test track is born from the need to create one of the most advanced and innovative path that can be performed by SUV and super cars.

For its design, Archilinea and Automobili Lamborghini Quality Department developped two big maneuvering areas and 13 different road surfaces that allow to judge dynamic behavior and vehicle comfort of the tested cars.

Within the area have been recreated: Sinus waves, bridge expansion joints, embossed Drain cover, Belgian cobblestones, speed bumpers. The aim of the track is to stress the vehicles with different frequencies to evaluate the internal acoustic comfort and the quality of the components assembly work.

Two different custom-made ramps have been realized in order to test brakes and hill start assistance.

Besides the track, there are different structures which allows to do the data analysis and the underbody checks, linking the test area to the Finishing building.



Track area: 10’030 sqm

Offices Area: 180 sqm

Construction site timing: 210 days


Photography by Matteo Serri.