Automobili Lamborghini – Finizione

Where detail makes the difference.

Inside the Finishing building, all cars are analyzed and approved before being prepared and shipped all over the world.

The employees of this department carry out a work of maximum attention and precision, therefore the design required special attention to light, materials and spaces; everything in order to highlight every detail of the car.


The building, on two levels, hosts on the ground floor working areas like quality control, water testing, car finishing, painting and polishing retouching; the colors of the flooring contribute to increase the efficiency of workflows.

The first floor hosts offices, changing rooms and a corporate restaurant. The views from the upper floor have been planned to allow easy control from the offices to the working area on the ground floor.

The aesthetics of the envelope is the result of a dynamic concept that, with the prevalent use of sandwich panels and polycarbonate, communicates with the adjacent building Urus Assembly Line to which it is connected through a covered structure characterizing the whole North prospect.

The proportions, the choice of materials, light and attention to detail make this building a new starting point for the conception of modernly organized industrial spaces.



Useful floor area: 8250 sqm

Offices area: 440 mq

Corporate restaurant area: 450 sqm

Construction site timing: 450 days

Energy classification: A2


Photography by Matteo Serri.