Automobili Lamborghini – Magazzino Logistico

Never stopping space.

The Warehouse of Lamborghini, with more than 25’000 sqm, stands out as the largest building in the entire compound.

With this premise, the architectural design took care of the functional aspects that are required by structures of this type. At the same time, due to its dimensional importance, it required careful architectural choices to make it harmonious with the rest of the compound and representative of the brand.

The distribution of the spaces was therefore followed four hands by the staff of Archilinea and the Logistics Department of Automobili Lamborghini, the main structure was planned to be extremely flexible and transformable according to the business needs.

The shell has been designed and built with few materials such as: precast concrete panels for the main body, aluminum sandwich panels for the two canopies characterizing the main fronts, polycarbonate for the transparent areas of the shell and metal slats for exterior finishes.

The building, in addition to containing the goods that is continuously received and distributed to the entire industrial complex, also contains: special goods storages, over 600 square meters of offices area, relax areas, group areas, locker rooms, a refectory for the consumption of meals and an area dedicated to hosting the company data center.



Useful floor area: 25230 mq

Construction site timing: 370 giorni

Energy classification: A3


Photography by Matteo Serri.