Automobili Lamborghini – Torre 1963

Record for the new office building realized in the middle of Lamborghini compound.

The will to create high quality workplaces and a strong environment caring attitude have  maden possible the use of design and building procedures aimed to sustainability and comfort for building’s users.

Inaugurazione Torre 1963. Automobili Lamborghini, Stefano Domenicali
Inaugurazione Torre 1963.

Following this target, the office building “Tower 1963” awarded the absolute Italian Primacy of the LEED Platinum Certification with a certified score of 92.

The Torre 1963 is six floors over-ground and allows to identify the position of the company in the profile of the Bologna territory landscape.

Externally it is characterized by a backward ground floor, that works as a podium soarsing the upper body, defined in the main fronts by a white frame. The smoller fronts are characterized by cutting plans and in the south one are hosted photovoltaic panels that contribute to the energy efficiency of the building. The project involves the study of perimeter green areas with the planting of native species irrigated through the rainwater recovery system.

Inside there are executive offices, open-spaces, meeting rooms, services, everything designed to ensure high flexibility and modularity of spaces thanks to the use of maneuverable walls. The transparent surfaces that characterize the rooms give the possibility to recreate a dynamic and open work environment.

From the design phase, specific attention has been given to user comfort, providing relax areas for each floor, the optimal arrangement of workstations in relation to the external light and a domotic system that regulates temperature, humidity and lighting in relation to the external conditions.

To the ambitious result achieved through LEED Platinum certification have also contributed the plant solutions adopted, such as the BMS system, the connection to the district heating network, the performance of the materials used, and their local supply.

The 1963 Tower represents a model of innovation and social responsibility, of which Lamborghini, Archilinea and the public authority involved have become spokesmen.



Offices area: 2520 sqm

External glass surface area: 1600 sqm

Photovoltaic panels area: 86 sqm

Cast in place concrete volume: 2700 m3

Construction site timing: 365 days


Photography by Matteo Serri.