Automobili Lamborghini

New Logistic Centre

Energy class “A”, high antiseismic safety standards, occupational health:these are central aspects in the project for the new Lamborghini Logistics Centre, a new building designed to serve any of the work activities in Lamborghini’s production cycle. The project in this stage comprises a new protected logistics space, designed to offer environmental sustainability in excess of the minimum ratings prescribed by national legislation and thus aiming to achieve energy class “A” certification. Trigeneration, reduction of pollutant emissions and greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere with integrated systems for the production of electrical power, heat and chilled water to meet the requirements of the building. Another aspect is the reduced use of underground water resources by installing a catchment basin for rainwater from the entire new expansion area. The building design also reflects the high corporate standards for healthy working spaces in Lamborghini facilities, now implementing the same characteristics of comfort that workers enjoy in all areas of the company also in the logistic centre. In addition, all work areas benefit from natural lighting, while the goods loading area is now a climate controlled environment: to maximize occupational health a loading bay has been created inside the envelope of the main building thereby restricting workers’ exposure to the continual temperature changes between indoor and outdoor areas during the summer and winter months.

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  •  8500 m2 floor space
  •  9000 m2 total surface area
  •  9 months duration of the work site
  •  14 metres building height
  •  energy class “A”
  •  grid of 500 pillars supporting the building
  •  air conditioned spaces
  •  natural lighting
  •  Lea Slimtech slab claddings
  •  Lazzaro Srl polycarbonate façades and trims

Technical Data Sheet