Bugatti Showroom and Workshop

“Luxury and highly advanced technological performances, the main values of Bugatti, lead the design concept for the new flagshipstore worldwide”


The new architectural concept for Bugatti flagship store worldwide is designed by Archilinea, which based the project on bespoke solutions, in terms of furnishing and materials, and on the specific choice of handcrafted finishes. The interior design shows contemporary, essential and geometric lines, while the use of a highly advanced IT system allows the clients to try an immersive experience.



“The interior design is marked by contemporary, essential and geometric lines and by bespoke furnishing and materials”


Luxurious feeling and great technological performances reveal the main values of the brand: basically, they are in every single design detail, both inside and outside the showroom. The concept is strong and at the same time flexible, so it can easily fit the different international points of sales. Outside, toward the city, the anthracite façade exhibits big white lettering promoting the name of Bugatti, thus emphasizing the showroom location. Inside, however, leather and marble furnishing are matched with textured materials, proposed in different shades of grey