Concordia Town Hall

The earthquake emergency forced Concordia’s administrative authorities to come up with a construction plan able to recreate the civic and public spaces surrounding the town’s most socially significant locations. In the immediate vicinity of the centre the Concordia authorities identified a greenfield site that was, however, already partially integrated in the urban fabric of the town. This area will accommodate the public structures that will come to form the new town centre, including the new town hall. The work in question is composed of a building for temporary accommodation of the municipal offices, made using a prefabricated structure and reinforced concrete foundations cast in situ. Technologically advanced solutions, attention to lighting and occupational health, the presence of prestigious finishes and the choice of aesthetic solutions that maintain the classic role and understanding of an Emiliano town hall: these characteristics – which include the bell tower, the internal courtyard and the widespread use of traditional materials – are among the project’s key qualities. Studio Archilinea took part in the regional call as the designer of the joint venture between Cooperativa di Costruzioni (CDC) and Iti Impresa Generale Spa’ ai Bandi. Technical systems partners: Studio Zecchini and Studio Pampuri, Sassuolo.

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  • energy class “A”
  • 7000 m2 site surface area
  • 2000 m2 building surface area
  • 5 months working time