Finale Emilia

Sacred Heart Nursery and Day Care centre

The project involved the construction of a school building that today accommodates the ‘S. Cuore’ Nursery and Day Care centre. The single-storey building has a total surface area of 1685 m2. The main entrance opens onto a spacious single volume with reception and hospitality functions, also used for psychomotor activities of nursery school pupils. The building accommodates two Nursery School sections and six classrooms for the day care centre, for a total of 8 sections. The school intake capacity is up to 228 pupils. The classrooms are accessed via a corridor leading off the entrance atrium. Each classroom has its own changing room, bathroom and specific store room, and, depending on the individual case there is either one dormitory per room or a single dormitory shared by two different sections. The building’s loading structure is made of timber employed in three different technological solutions: XLAM load bearing walls, MHM load bearing walls, and timber frame structure. The load bearing elements are suitably sized to support a laminar wood roof structure with joists. The structure is supported on a reinforced concrete raft foundation with continuous depth of 35 cm.

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  • 8/2012: final project
  • 9/2012: construction project
  • 10/2012– 3/2013: building works and technical systems
  • 5/ 2013: inauguration
  • 228 children in attendance
  • 8 sections
  • 1750 m2 gross floor area

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