Comune di Montagnana – Scuola Luigi Chinaglia


The interventions for the realization of the new Montagnana municipality School has been actualized with the partial demolition, reconstruction and renovation of the existing educational institute. This is surely a concrete example of how it is possible to recover and renovate those buildings realized in the early fifties that nowadays, despite the different modifications during the years, are no longer able to comply with the minimum antiseismic and usability requests.


The necessary renovation works of the Institute took into account of the pre-existent volume and its historical-structural characterizes. In addition to a significative aesthetic and architectural character of volumes and spaces, the attention was focused on structures, putting in place materials, building and stabilization techniques, in order to respond to the most modern structural and antiseismic requests. The original Viale Trento building had been the object of important seismic adaptation works, always following the law prescriptions, with the result of a building able to guarantee comfort, healthiness and structural security. The demolished portion had been rebuilt with modern construction techniques, using environmental-friendly materials, like XLAM panels.


The use of XLAM construction technique is capable of an high mechanical resistance, an elevated security level in case of fire and low CO2 emissions, in addition to an exceptional thermal efficiency of the architectural shell. The whole complex can boast a complex of buildings capable of relevant energetic performances, in energy class A.


The buildings of the scholastic compound have and architectural and aesthetic impact that well fits with the surrounding contest. Classrooms and spaces have spaces larger that it is required by the new guidelines for the scholastic buildings, the intention was to give birth to didactical and instructional spaces but also to aggregation and sociality ones. The result is an avant-gard institute, but also and important point of reference for the whole community.

Comunicato stampa Comune di Montagnana