Mirandola – Municipality

Municipality of Mirandola

Energy class “A”, high antiseismic standards, 6 months from the drawing board to completion of construction, optimization of spaces: these are the ‘cardinal virtues’ of the new Mirandola town hall. The construction – totalling 3800 m2 erected on a 6000 m2 plot – is located on a greenfield site that had already become an integral part of the urban landscape. Designed to meet the need to create continuity with the surrounding buildings – the adjacent elementary school and the future gymnasium to be erected opposite – the new town hall offers residents a flexible structure able to cater for diverse needs and functions. The complex is built in accordance with the highest antiseismic construction standards and with energy efficiency class “A”.

Credits:EMT 5 – Mirandola Town Hall Winner of the design and execution contract: Cooperativa di Costruzioni di Modena and ITI Spa

Project manager: Giuseppe Gervasi, Archilinea – Giulio Rimini, Archilinea

Antiseismic structural design: Massimo Bruni, CDC

Design of mechanical fire protection systems and energy class: Nicola Zecchini

Design of power utility systems and data network: Pampuri Srl

Site Management: Loris Montanari, CDC

Client: Commissariato Delegato per la Ricostruzione della Regione Emilia Romagna

Person in charge of the Procedure: Manuela Manenti

Works Manager: Antonio Ligori, FBM

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  • 137 days: duration of works
  • usage class IV: seismic protection level
  • energy class “A”
  • 1900 m2 of ground floor space
  • 3800 m2 of total floor space
  • 220 m2 PV panels surface area
  • 92 offices accommodating 175 members of staff
  • 97 max occupancy of council chamber
  • 20 people: committee room capacity
  • 4100 m2 developed exterior space
  • 67 parking spaces