Museo Ferrari Maranello

The objective

To face a more and more increasing audience with a strong desire to be in a close contact with the most famous Italian excellence in the world, Ferrari wanted to enlarge its own existing museum in Maranello to make it even more attractive.
The expositive surface has been expanded, there are more spaces for events organization, a new entrance hall that connect the museum path, a new coffee bar, the touristic information and welcome center and the internal shop that as usual is the last stop of the visit.
The whole set of interventions had improved the usability and functionality of the museum complex strengthening the identity and at the same making it more recognizable.


The project

The enlargement project, of about 600sqm, involves two different areas: the former is about the entrance hall that integrates two existing structures, the entrance and the adjacent pavilion of IAT. The second one is located on the back of the building (south east corner) and it is about the realization of some new room for museum-related events planning.
The new visit path develops itself through the new entrance on the square, where glass facades of different height, with metallic structure, are connected with the IAT existing pavilion creating a unique architectural organism.
The museum changes its image, the new intervention relates to the existing one through a smooth line on the roof, that recalls the silhouette of Ferrari brand and also elevates the entrance making it more dynamic and recognizable. As it was before, the Cavallino Rampante emblem is located on the inclined wall at the side of the entrance door, to enlighten the principal access, it will be the favorite spot for the visitors’ pictures.


Welcome Area

Inside the building the new double-height hall of about 130sqm, hosts the ticket desk and works as an internal covered square for the people distribution. From this point the horizontal and vertical paths begin, the horizontal ones lead to store, simulators, red campus, coffee bar and IAT; the vertical ones are the stairs and the elevator to the first floor.
The IAT space is not changed, but on its side there is the new coffee bar. Once located on the back of the building, today the coffee bar overlooks the square, gaining autonomy respect to the museum timing and also having more visibility for the external public. In direct contact with the hall there is the new shop (220sqm) that has been enlarged with a new style and a new layout.


Expositive Area

The access to the expositive area is through the new stair at the side of the ticket desk. The new stair leads to the first floor where the true visit of the museum begins. The starting point of the visit path was once occupated by some offices, that have been moved to the south part of the building, ensuring to the users more comfort in terms of aeration and natural illumination. On the side of the stairs there is a wide elevator, that allows even to disabled people to reach the first floor and to start the visit from its very beginning.
The visit path, has an enlargement thanks to the former polyfunctional areas, the existing part has been only punctually renovated to improve the general exposition.


Area polifunzionale

On the South side of the Museum has been realized the new polyfunctional area, able to hosts 250 people and some others rooms as a catering area and new hygenical services dedicated. The presece of manoeuvrable walls make the space more flexible, offering the possibility to create two different areas with two events at the same time. This intervention allowed an enlargement of the expositive area of about 383sqm, converting the former polyfunctional area in space for the exposition.


Architectural Composition

The Ferrari Museum of Maranello presents itself as a result of a sequence of intervention from the beginning of the nineties when it was created by the Architect Tiziano Lugli. The last enlargement is due to different interventions in 2013 followed by Archilinea.
The new intervention had the obligation to relate with the existent sections and integrate with them. It has been chosen to create a recognizable and evocative structure for the new entrance hall and a more simple one for the polyfunctional area in continuity with the existing one.



The new entrance hall is characterized by a glass facade full height (average height 6m) with structural glass megnetronic and low in emission, on the top of the facade there is an important stripe covered with alucubond falling down with smooth lines connecting with the preexistent concrete wall on which is located the emblem of Ferrari.
The coating on the facade are maden with plaster effect materials and painted with light gray color. For the internal floor it have been used medium size ceramic tiles in cromatic contrast with the existing floor. To underline the direction to take there are ceiling recessed strip light starting from the facade lead the visitor to the ticket desk and to the stairs.
The polyfuntional area has been realized in continuity with the existing prospect, it is covered with large size black ceramic tiles (there is continuity with the color but not with the size); the areas of the faced that are without coating are treated with protective for the thermal insulation with plaster effect.


Museo Ferrari Maranello
Inaugurazione Museo 2017