Guglia’s maintenance

The renovation and conservation work performed was a special maintenance operation that involved cleaning all parts of the monument, repairing parts damaged by rainwater corrosion, removing and refurbishing the rendering, impermeable sealing of the basin and returning the fountain to operation. The work was performed to mark the thirty year anniversary of studio Archilinea by offering a gift to the city. The work returned the spire to its antique splendour, restoring the various parts of the monument, repairing the rendering and impermeable sealing and returning the fountain to operation. Erected in 1591 by order of Marco III Pio di Savoia, holder of the title Lord of Sassuolo, over the intervening centuries the monument has undergone various transformations and restoration attempts. The restoration performed by the Sassuolo Lions Club however returned the statue to its antique splendour and full functionality, with a fully operational water basin, originally created to water livestock in what was once the market square.

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