Archilinea constantly invests its resources in the search for methodologies able to make the design and implementation process more efficient.



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The adoption of the BIM (Building Information Modelling)  methodology has represented its natural evolution in order to ensure achievements more and more responding to the proposed design parameters. This process allows the creation of a parametric digital model that, in addition to representing the project in its forms and incorporating detailed information, contains all the architectural, engineering and plant components, essential for the management of the building throughout its life cycle.




Reduction of timing and mistakes, rationalization of the process and optimization of costs.




Through this database all the professional figures involved are put in a position to have full control of the project under development, minimizing interference and improving the overall performance of the product. The BIM methodology allows to manage and make just-in-time changes to the three-dimensional model and, during the construction phase, decrease the number of variables involved.


A new way to experience the project.


Virtual Reality Archilinea Bim



Archilinea integrates the BIM process within the daily workflow as an added value to the design quality. Building models reach a high degree of precision so they can be easily explored thanks to the help of virtual reality.