Ascot Ceramiche

The underlying concept of the stand designed by Archilinea for Ascot Ceramiche, at which visitors are welcomed and entertained, is the creation of a scene with the typical connotations of a lived-in, shared space.

We set out to create a place where visitors would feel at ease, which would convey an impression of familiarity and everyday life, with everything within reach and to hand.

The products on display are naturally the central of attention, clearly visible and located in areas that recall the symbolic spaces of day-to-day living in a town: a bakery, a boutique and a waiting-room. The furnishings and mock-ups help to create a comfortable atmosphere with all the features of the stand visible at a glance. All the products’ various functions, as wall and floor coverings, are included and clearly shown.

At each end of the stand, the entire scene is enclosed by two displays of the series of products already in the range, with wall tiles at one end and floor tiles at the other.

Completing the concept of a place for sharing is the stand’s centrally located entertainment area, surrounded by greenery and a pleasant place to spend time, offering an overview of the entire Ascot exhibition area and the new products launched at the fair.