Cremonini – Cucina + Caffè

Cucina+Caffè consists of a bar, a restaurant and a pizza corner and is able to accommodate over 300 people at the same time.

The various spaces are physically separated from walls with recesses and displays that have multiple functions: containment of trays, TV monitors and objects with a family mood that can vary depending on the season or period of the year.

Even furnishings and materials chosen for the realization have been selected after careful research: suitable for frequent use, compatible with sanitary regulations and characterized by an appealing look & feel.

Particular attention was paid to the achievement of a greater level of comfort for the customers inside the rooms, adopting measures in terms of acoustic insulation and overall lighting effect.

The restaurant area is completed by a small room that can hold up to 50 seats. Cucina + Caffè @ Interporto is the result of careful research and attention to details for every element surrounds the customer, from the care of the project to the culinary offer in order to maintaining a relaxing environment.

The new building is stand-alone with a total covered area of 1200 square meters and equipped with a large car park enclosed by green areas. The envelope is characterized by insertion of colored elements that reproduce the same tones used in the design of the interior.