Stand for Cersaie Bologna 2014

The stand project is inspired by the elemental essence of materials. Besides tactile experiences, it also suggests spatial/visual interaction.

The blocks, resembling those extracted from quarries, house rooms for staff and customers, creating the perfect blend of the object exhibited and its display. In the eyes of the visitor, they play perspective games aimed at expressing the product’s quality: by looking at these blocks through the stand’s portals, the link between raw materials and finished products is restored.

The freedom of interpretation and interaction between space and elements is all up to the visitor.


  1. The counter
    Cut out of a monolithic block, clad in gres slab 100×100 cm, with chairs.
    This area is dedicated to product display, customer interaction and refreshment, but it is also the best place to enjoy the view of the blocks and grasp, from the distance, the features of the materials they are made of.
  2. The portals
    Empty geometrical shapes clad in gres slabs 150×300 cm, allowing the visitors inside.
    Previous collections, in their different production formats, are exhibited on their walls.
  3. The blocks
    Monolithic blocks 350x350x350 cm, clad in gres slabs, they mimic the large blocks extracted from quarries, and at the same time they contain rooms for staff and customers. They allow to show various types of application of the product.