Automobili Lamborghini - Showrooms

New Corporate Identity for Showroom and Assistance Center

Place: World network Year: 2016 - On going Client: Automobili Lamborghini
Archilinea has been chosen by Automobili Lamborghini to sign and realize the project of the new Showrooms and Assistance Centers of the Automobile Company of Sant'Agata Bolognese.

We design the experience

The architectural translation of the philosophy of a brand

The collaboration between Archilinea and Lamborghini has allowed to develop a strong synergy and has contributed to create a real itinerary within the retail space where the project, the customer and the cars are the protagonists.
Each element has been designed and studied ad hoc, drawing inspiration from the all-Italian
tailor-made“, from the design, pure lines and innovative DNA that distinguishes Automobili Lamborghini in order to further strengthen the concept of exclusivity and uniqueness linked to the purchase of a personalized car.


A flexible concept

A design able to adapt to the different situations of the worldwide network

The new Corporate Identity & Corporate Design draws its inspiration from the recent evolution of Lamborghini’s Brand Values, which are translated in a tangible way into a sophisticated and minimal stylistic language. The Lamborghini showroom is a space designed to offer Lamborghini customers a unique experience and to be guided in all stages of the definition of colours, fittings and materials of their future super sport car.



The architectural translation of the philosophy of a brand

pure, visionary and cutting edge

The guidelines for the restyling of Dealerships have assumed a warm and exciting connotation, but at the same time futuristic and unconventional, thanks to color combinations and a careful selection of furnishings and finishes.

# External Area

The exterior of the new showroom is immediately recognizable: a sign and totem with a Lamborghini logo shield illuminated on a black background.

# Exibition Area

The surfaces are enriched by textures; each element is highlighted through chromaticisms and a clever use of light, from the environment to the one studied to focus attention on the product. Everything has been created to be in full service of the cars and the customer. Through a sensorial and immersive experience. The multimedia devices give the customer an overview of the Lamborghini world, they allow him to explore the characteristics of the products and involve him in the personalization of his car.

# Lounge Area

The interior spaces are refined and characterized by polygons and sharp shapes, true icons of the Lamborghini style. In addition to the exhibition area where the range of Lamborghini models is on show, the focal point of the project is the Lounge, where the Product, Accessories and Ad Personam areas give the possibility to touch, match and play with colours and materials. Also the area dedicated to the Automobili Lamborghini Collection has been completely renovated, to integrate itself in the new space.


The new architectural image leads to the arrival of Urus, the Super Sport Utility Vehicle designed by Automobili Lamborghini, and it will be implemented globally in all the new and existing showrooms over the next few years.