The profession of the Architect has evolved today, making its focus wider than the design one; it thus becomes a figure to be entrusted to before, after and during the realization of a work.



Archilinea employs its know-how to shape the wishes of customers, involving them in a dynamic creative process and realizing architectural works for commercial, industrial, cultural, housing, and efficient and emotional interior design that are able to give an answer to their needs.



The team consists of an interdisciplinary staff able to create a taylor-made process for each type of client and it guarantees full control during all its phases: design, construction and management.


Archilinea, Tailor made project



The customer becomes part of a one-to-one process from the early stages: the briefing and the identification of the primary objectives become cues for original thoughts, expanding the point of view beyond the project vision. Advanced technical skills are combined with economic analysis, commercial and development ideas, management skills of the project and of the construction site, methodologies and tools related to the world of marketing and communication.




Archilinea is the spokesman of the translation in terms of architecture, design and communication of the philosophy of a brand by making available to the customer their knowledge from the consultancy phase to the implementation of the project.


Archilinea, Automobili Lamborghini Ad Personam




The experience gained over the years in the retailing world made Archilinea able to develop a tested process for managing the entire vision. From the idea, to the definition of the guidelines of the corporate identity and the basic format that will be declined according to the cases. During implementation, realization and supervision of showrooms and points of sale, especially in the luxury, design, furnishing, food & beverage;  driver of the entire process is the team’s attention focused on the client’s will and the definition of forms of expression that every time fit to the pre-established mission.




Various specialist figures are involved in all phases of design to ensure that no aspect is left out and that the project respects the parameters set for timing, costs and use of resources.



Each project is preceded by a preliminary consulting activity that takes into consideration planning strategies. The process is divided into steps of increasing depth, from concept to executive development. The implementation step is subject to a continuous review and update of the status “as is” through reporting tools always updated in terms of evaluation, monitoring of work progress, cost control, time control and quality control.



The approach adopted by Archilinea allows to manage complex projects that have to be compliant with parameters in terms of sustainability, certifications and managing advanced technological systems.